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Disznókő estate is named after the vineyard of Disznókő, first recorded in 1413. The name Disznókő means "wild boar stone", referring to a large volcanic rock found at the heart of the vineyard or according to some geographers to the shape of the hill where the vineyards are planted.  Since AXA Millésimes acquired the property in 1992, the estate groups a series of historical contiguous vineyards around the winery. Once owned by aristocratic families for centuries, these vineyards are famous for their remarkable terroirs which produce great wines. Thanks to its know-how and experience, Disznókő is recognised today as being in the forefront of the renaissance of the truly great Tokaj wines.

Since 1992 Disznókő is known as a pioneer of the Tokaji Aszú renaissance. The aim is to produce wines with a perfect balance between the purity of fruit and the complexity of Botrytis cinerea, the richness and the freshness. The team constantly tries to understand and express the unique terroir of Disznókő through a range of diversified wines, from dry whites to Eszencia.
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