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In ancient times, the Ionian shore line would host the richest and most prosperous towns. Crotone served as a main hub for trade and economy, whereas Sibari was, and still is, a byword for luxury and elegance.
Our town, Cirò Marina, is located halfway between these two cities.
Outstretched in the shade of the historic town of Cirò and protected by the Sila plateau, its location is particularly suitable for grape growing: the combination of the mild weather of the seaside and the crisp breeze from the mountains creates a microclimate which gives vines a unique bouquet of notes, flavors and scents.
Here is where we’ve been growing our vines for three generations.
It is still here that in the 50s we decided to widen our activities organizing, step by step, our business to bottle, preserve and trade our wine.
After all this time our deepest intent is still to spread the knowledge of our Calabrian wine production patrimony rich in history, traditions and unique perfumes, we have maintained the old practices incorporating new ideas according to the most modern technics and technologies.

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