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Maison Gimet sees its origins in 1929 thanks to the creator of the same name. A famous and atypical character from the region, he was known for his very personal way of working Armagnacs: maturation in barrels of sweet wine, very little violent action on the eaux-de-vie, and strong expression of the typicality of each vintage.

We strive today within our House of Bas-Armagnac to perpetuate the spirit of this personality of the Gers in order to offer Armagnacs of haute couture, exclusive, and worked in their greatest purity. We know that time is a luxury, which is why we have made it the main actor in the development of our eaux-de-vie.

Each bottle of Armagnac Gimet comes from a unique batch, which has itself been worked according to its own personality. It is this precision that allows us to offer you exceptional Armagnacs, and to make you relive this magical moment felt in front of our stills.

Each bottle is prepared with the greatest care. In order not to shock the eau de vie, it does not undergo reduction or cold filtration and is therefore at its natural level when it leaves the cask and is therefore raw from the cask. Bottling is done by gravity without rushing the Armagnac. The bottles are then numbered, signed and ready to be tasted.

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