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Monte Tessa was born from an ancestral tradition, a cult of love for the land: Puglia, an authentic crossroads of Mediterranean cultures. In every single drop that gushes into our barrels, the nectar of the Gods shows itself in all its sincerity.

For decades now, the vigorous arms of our farmers and the foresight of our oenologists have been transforming knowledge into aromas and flavors: a unique wine, which smells of the earth and the effort of warm hands that transform each glass into a sip of Puglia.

Monte Tessa is a unique company, which knows how to mix respect for tradition with innovation, in the processing methods and in the mission of those who, every day, give the best to their land.

A company imbued, in its red earth, with sweat and effort, with passion and work. A job, that of the fields, which gives a lot of satisfaction, directly proportional to the effort of those who have worked tirelessly for several generations to bring a delicious and excellent wine to your tables.

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