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The offices of Maison Johnston are located in the heart of the Chartrons district, a historic place for the Bordeaux wine trade.
Impregnated by the history of the different generations who have contributed to the success of the company, the places equipped with the modern tools necessary for the current trade, give off a feeling of security and solidity.
We are very attached to the values ​​of tradition for everything related to the spirit of wine. This is not contradictory, quite the contrary, with a modern and innovative approach to problems linked to marketing and to the evolution of production and winemaking techniques..." comments Archibald Johnston.

The policy adopted for a long time by the Johnston family is based on a quality approach centered mainly on top-of-the-range production. The wines that pass through the cellars of the House are the result of strict selections, made on the basis of repeated tastings. First of all, it concerns the entire range of classified growths, but also a certain number of Châteaux, selected for the excellence and quality consistency of their production. The partnership with them is based on a contract of trust renewed from year to year.

Maison Johnston carries out regular monitoring of production: numerous visits, quality control of the harvest, comparative tastings... This selective approach is also rigorously applied to generic wines and table wines, which are also selected on extremely strict criteria. 

Finally, Johnston is one of the few companies to still own vast storage cellars. Covering more than 10,000 m², they allow it to offer, over a wide choice of old vintages, wines that have never changed, guaranteeing optimum quality.
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