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Rhonéa is a family of over 388 artisan winegrowers who have chosen to pool their expertise and breathe life into a creative, ground-breaking model, based on their knowledge of Rhône Valley wines. Strongly attached to their terroir and family estates, these artisans’ typically French skills have been passed down through generations. It stands to reason that they are strong advocates for their region, good food and wine, simplicity, and pleasure.

A refreshing wind of change is blowing over the Rhonéa cooperative. Talented, curious and creative artisans and employees are brimming with new
ideas and actively contributing to a participatory model that brings together skills and generates new and often slightly offbeat concepts. These are formed with the aid of a corporate social network, forward-thinking workshops, transgenerational communication, Rhône Valley Ambassadors etc. Their latest brainchild is Rhonéa Vignobles, a project that aims to create the largest vineyard in the Rhône Valley whereby the turnover will be shared by as many joint owners as possible !
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