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Since 1844, the Schladerer distillery has produced fruit brandies and unique spirits of the highest quality under the Schladerer name. Driven by an unswerving commitment to craftsmanship, the highest standards are applied every step of the way – from the careful selection of hand-picked fruit to the skilled work of our seasoned distillers all the way to the unique finish given to each individual product.

What is the secret to a truly outstanding fruit brandy? Its authentic taste, its harmonious balance, its nuanced interplay of fine fruit aromas? To achieve this exceptional level of quality, a producer needs to have truly mastered the fine art of distilling, with all the craftsmanship and experience that this entails. And, needless to say, the quality of the ingredients plays a key role. Here at Schladerer, these are processed in the most environmentally compatible way – by means of sustainable production processes using primarily renewable energies. And one thing is guaranteed – our products are 100% natural.
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