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Vigne Surrau’s winery in Sardinia overlooks a property of more than 50 hectares of land covered by vineyards. The project interprets the cellar as a workplace which transforms a product of the land through visible processes, which guarantee genuineness and quality. The architectural project is the result of a harmonious research between building and nature. The building in fact is realized by a sequence of transparent façades and local stone walls which meld with the land.

Surrau vineyards extend in the eastern part of Gallura, in sunny valleys, caressed by the clean Mistral wind blowing from the Strait of Bonifacio. Here the vine takes nourishment from the granite sands of the hills of Juannisolu and Capichera, the clays of the plains of Pastura and Cascioni and From the scents of the maquis of the Surrau valley.

The varieties produced are Vermentino, Cannonau, Carignano, Muristellu and Cabernet Sauvignon. The wines produced, ambassadors of Gallura in the world, exalt Gallura’s perfumes and tastes with their features.

Here, where nature imitates art in the eclectic figures of granite shaped by the wind, men pick only the best fruits transforming them into excellent wines. 

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